Who we are

This website is developed and owned by trackmy.games. The primary author is Hasnain Lakhani.

Why trackmy.games

As a life-long gamer, I've amassed too many games to manage. I made this site to track my library and to receive a warning if I was about to buy a game I already owned on another platform. Hopefully you find the site as useful as I do. I plan to add more features and platform support in the future. You can see the site's full feature list here.

Data usage and tracking

You probably hate ads and tracking as much as we do. You can read our full privacy policy here (note: in case something in this section conflicts with something in the policy, the policy takes priority). As a quick summary, though, we try to minimize the information we collect and store. Below is an overview of what we store, cookies we set, what we don't do with your data, and what we may do with your data.

Data we collect Cookies we use What we don't do with your data

We don't track you or use your data for advertising. We don't include any third-party analytics or trackers (or even do first party analytics right now). We don't sell your data to third parties. We try to keep your data safe, secure, and private.

What we may do in the future

Standard disclaimer: We can't predict the future or know what we may or may not do. Here are some plans for things that might happen - you are welcome to provide us feedback or decide the service is not for you once these changes are made (we would provide enough notice via an appropriate channel, e.g. the planned features list). We may (after soliciting feedback) introduce affiliate links (without additional tracking on our end), to help pay the bills. We may, at some point, decide to publish aggregate data about game ownership: e.g studies on how popular various games or genres are, without disclosing any specific user data.